Our vertically integrated operation consists of four distinct and equally important divisions:

Research & Development: Our R&D department works with local universities to increase the scientific community’s understanding of hemp, CBD, and the potential benefits of cannabis. We extensively research hemp plant genetics to create unique strains ideally suited for their intended use. Whether that’s creating Cannabinoid-rich and terpene-rich strains for extraction, hardy strains for fiber production, bioremediation trials, and growth trials. GCO dedicates significant resources to the pursuit of superior hemp genetics.

Propagation & Cloning: Our propagation division breeds specific hemp strains for various intended purposes. We clone plants of our own unique genetics to supply local industrial hemp farmers with superior genetics and improved yields. We also grow CBD-rich organic hemp clones for our own in-house production.

Production & Product Development: Our production facility is the first USDA-certified organic industrial hemp greenhouse in the United States. Here we grow our CBD-rich hemp strains for extraction in our in-house facility. From there, our product development team formulates advanced CBD products including tinctures, topicals, and more. This allows us to offer premium CBD oil for sale to the public. Green Cherry Organics also offers wholesale CBD products.

Advocacy & Education: Green Cherry Organics is dedicated to improving the world’s understanding of cannabinoids and hemp. To achieve this goal, we work with local and national advocacy and lobbyist groups to support pro-cannabis legislation. In addition to our legislative advocacy efforts, we also strive to educate everyday people about the benefits of the cannabis genus, CBD, cannabinoids, and terpenes.