Green Cherry Organics (GCO) takes pride in all of its CBD products. All of our products are third party lab tested to ensure that THC levels are less than .03% by dry weight. Below are links to the current certificates of analysis for all Green Cherry Organics products.

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After our hemp is grown and processed, we batch test all of our crude CBD to ensure quality. Then we also test our independent products.

Crude CBD – Certificate of Analysis

GREEN CHERRY ORGANICS PHO121319 – Residual Solvents

Tinctures – Certificates of Analysis

MCT 300 Natural Heavy Metals
MCT 300 Natural Residual Solvents
MCT 300 Peppermint Heavy Metals
MCT 300 Peppermint Potency
MCT 300 Peppermint Residual Solvents

MCT 600 Natural Heavy Metals
MCT 600 Natural Potency
MCT 600 Natural Residual Solvents
MCT 600 Peppermint Heavy Metals
MCT 600 Peppermint Potency
MCT 600 Peppermint Residual Solvents

MCT 1200 Natural Heavy Metals
MCT 1200 Natural Potency
MCT 1200 Peppermint Heavy Metals
MCT 1200 Peppermint Potency
MCT 1200 Peppermint Residual Solids

MCT 1800 Natural Heavy Metals
MCT 1800 Natural Potency
MCT 1800 Natural Residual Solvents
MCT 1800 Peppermint Heavy Metals
MCT 1800 Peppermint Potency
MCT 1800 Peppermint Residual Solvents

Salves & Creams – Certificates of Analysis

Arnica, Cayenne, Peppermint Salve Heavy Metals
Arnica, Cayenne, Peppermint Salve Residual Solvents
LC Salve Heavy Metals
Lavender & Calendula Salve Potency
Lavender & Calendula Salve Residual Solvents
Natural Salve Residual Solvents
Natural Salve Heavy Metals

Water Soluble Powder- Certificates of Analysis

Water Soluble Powder 500 Residual Solvents
Water Soluble Powder 500 Potency
Water Soluble Powder 500 Heavy Metals

Softgels – Certificates of Analysis

Softgel 600 Residual Solvents
Softgel 600 Potency
Softgel 600 Heavy Metals