Organic Hemp Clones for Sale in Colorado

Are you in the business of growing hemp? This rapidly expanding industry has infinite potential but is growing more competitive by the day. In order to succeed in the modern hemp market, farmers must employ all the tools they can to gain an edge over competitors. Green Cherry Organics aims to offer our friends in the hemp industry the resources and connections they need to find success.


High-CBD Organic Hemp Clones

Our primary offering for hemp farmers is organic hemp clones. Green Cherry expends significant resources conducting genetic and cultural growth research with our university partners. The goal is simple: to propagate hemp strains with superior genetic traits, including higher cannabinoid concentrations, improved disease resistance, and superior yields. For farmers, here’s what Green Cherry Organics offers:

  • High quality organic hemp clones for sale at wholesale pricing
  • Exclusive genetics with high cannabinoid content, improved disease resistance and increased yields
  • Access to a catalogue of exclusive hemp strains developed by Green Cherry Organics
  • Competitive pricing on wholesale hemp clone

Green Cherry Organics is vertically integrated USDA Organic industrial hemp company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. We help our friends and partners in the industrial hemp industry find success. Contact us today to see what Green Cherry Organics can do for your business!

Hemp Brokerage Services

Green Cherry Organics also helps match industrial hemp farmers with prospective buyers. Whether you are growing high-CBD hemp for CBD oil extraction or hardy strains for fiber production, our industry connections can help you get top-dollar for your harvest.

If you are looking to buy or sell wholesale hemp, call us today or fill out our contact form to learn more!