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The Green Cherry Organics Team


Green Cherry Organics (GCO) is a vertically integrated USDA Organic industrial hemp company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. From humble beginnings, CGO has grown into a pioneer in the domestic hemp industry. From developing the first ever USDA-Certified organic industrial hemp greenhouse, to partnering with prestigious universities to research industrial hemp, GCO is proud to contribute to beneficial change in the industrial hemp industry.

green cherry organics staff

Brett Eaton – Founder & CEO

As CEO of Green Cherry Organics, Brett Eaton has developed and propagated genetics for non-psychoactive and organically grown Industrial Hemp since 2016. He founded and operates the first USDA Certified Organic perpetual year round industrial hemp greenhouse. Using only zero-waste grow techniques Brett pioneered a Research & Development program that breeds high-quality cannabis cultivars (genetics) oriented towards health indications and outcomes, and strains tailored to enable scaled hemp growth to support sustainable outdoor farming.

Green Cherry Organics’ existence is due to Brett’s belief that this plant can heal and bring homeostasis (balance) to all living things. His first focus was his father’s arthritis, helping him avoid a critical surgery. He is now focused on helping his father find relief from his painful and debilitating fibromyalgia. Since 2016 Brett has coached many on holistic health, the importance of nutrition, and how to attain healthy outcomes using the Green Cherry Organics hemp extract.

Brett is a master horticulturist with over two decades of experience in the cut flower industry, working for multiple firms in Colorado and Vermont. His experience includes a proctorship at Colorado State University, where he began his work in advanced seeding and propagation of rare varieties of flowering plants. Brett’s industry experience includes 15 years of continuously operating controlled-growth greenhouse environments and outdoor production farms.

He has served as Director of Horticulture for American Cannabis Company. In this role, Brett consulted corporations and government entities in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and Chile to educate regulators, investors, and business owners on sustainable cannabis growth, medical marijuana policy development, biosecurity programs, infrastructure and growth planning, permitting, and farmer/employee education. He has designed new build facilities and vertical growth environments scaled up to 2,000,000 sq. ft. Over the past 7 years he has served on multiple committees as a policy advisor, and has hosted over 36 states and numerous governmental representatives with facility tours. His efforts as a policy influencer are shrinking the gap between legislative regulatory processes and industry realities.

Brett is also an avid organic farmer and biodynamic innovator, and was a Whole Foods certified Cut Flower Supplier. He earned a Floriculture degree specializing in flowering plants from Colorado State University in 2003, and previously studied chemical engineering at Auburn University in Alabama. He comes from a family of architectural designers where he grew up under his father’s direction learning advanced design and build practices.

Brett oversees the Fort Collins campus of Green Cherry Organics, which is comprised of 7 ½ acres and over 100,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse operations. In addition to housing Green Cherry’s primary propagation, production and extraction facilities, this campus aims to serve as a model for other national and international organizations.

Chris Pullen – COO

Christopher Pullen is an international, multicultural leader specializing in business growth and turnarounds.

Results-focused and bilingual, Pullen’s roles as CEO and COO demonstrate a progressive career history and significant track record in leading both startup and established companies. He is considered a turnaround expert having reorganized 9 startups and 5 organizational turn-arounds since 1986 in the Technology, Electronics, Firmware, Software, Consumer Products, and Medical Device companies in both Manufacturing and Product Development sectors. In several of those businesses he was part owner or a shareholder.


His approach is highly tactical, with successes driven through cultural change, new talent recruitment and the development of strategic industry partnerships. His ability to improve bottom line performance is achieved through innovative product design, manufacturing efficiency, and sales channel development. He is a proven change agent with a passion for creating and driving corporate vision, building high-performing teams, creating exceptionally strong brands, and developing strong financial foundations that can weather economic cycles.

Pullen is a creative individual with an engaging personality. He establishes relationships easily and excels at team building. He offers strong financial reporting skills and leads organizations to excellence through metrics tracking. He is very strategic, a high level learner and often pushes beyond the norm. He strongly believes in taking something that is average and making it exceptional.

He first discovered the hemp industry in 2017 and became passionate about the impact this industry was having on health. He immediately realized the potential of CBD and was determined to find a company that needed his skills and experience from 30 years of scaling businesses. He met Brett Eaton, Founder of Green Cherry Organics, in 2018. They found alignment in their values and missions and combined their talents to scale the business in 2019.

Pullen lives in Fort Collins, CO and is an active member of Vistage. For over 20 years he has served as a mentor and speaker at universities teaching individuals the principles of startups